Enhance your PHP frameworks/libraries by making them Faster Better More Reliable


Type System

Zephir combines static and dynamic typing in a friendly language that is compiled down to machine code using the industry standard compilers.


Memory safety

Despite being a compiled language, it does not allow you to use pointers, it provides a garbage collector to avoid memory leaks and more.


Compilation model

Zephir takes advantage of the extension ecosystem available in PHP to allow you create your own extensions as shared libraries in Linux/OSX and DLLs on Windows.

Everything you need

Zephir, an open source, high-level language designed to ease the creation and maintainability of extensions for PHP with a focus on type and memory safety.

Zephir is a language that addresses the major needs of a PHP developer trying to write and compile code that can be executed by PHP. It is a dynamically/statically typed, some of its features can be familiar to PHP developers.